66% of Austinites feel uninformed about the issues.
89% say they would give to a specific need in the community.

Why We’re Here

I Live Here, I Give Here’s mission is to deepen and expand the culture of personal philanthropy by inspiring Central Texans to invest more money in our community. We educate and connect individuals and non-profits so more Central Texans experience the personal benefit of increased philanthropy.

I Live Here, I Give Here’s mission is to deepen and expand the culture of personal philanthropy by inspiring Central Texans to invest more money in our community. We educate and connect individuals and non-profits so more Central Texans experience the personal benefit of increased philanthropy.

Did you know that according to a study done by The Chronicle of Philanthropy in 2012, Austin is ranked 32nd out of the 50 largest cities in the nation in per capita charitable giving? This is a big improvement over our ranking at the beginning of the 21st century when we ranked 48, but there is still a lot of room for growth!

Austin is a vibrant city with a personality all its own. Central Texans are passionate, driven, and generous volunteers of their time and talent. But that’s not enough. The biggest problem facing Austin Nonprofits is there is not enough money.

Our community is well known for cherishing its environment and local businesses, its time to nurture our home-grown nonprofits in the same way!

We depend on our nonprofits to meet so many of the Austin's most basic needs; but the shortage of funds for these organizations is creating large gaps in services.

This is where I Live Here, I Give Here steps in. Our main purpose is to connect people like YOU with the issues you care about and the Nonprofits that support them.

I Live Here, I Give Here is proud of the work we have accomplished since our launch in 2007. We connect the people of Austin with the causes they care about.

We partner with nonprofit groups so they can be more accessible to you. We spotlight specific needs in Austin every month to let you know how you can help.

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Teen Dating Safety

by Susan Marler
March 28, 2011

Do these numbers surprise you?

·  1 in 5 teens who have been in a serious relationship report being hit, slapped or pushed by a partner.

·  1 in 3 girls who have been in a serious relationship say they’ve been concerned about being physically hurt by their partner.

·  1 in 4 teens who have been in a serious relationship say that a boyfriend or girlfriend has tried to prevent them from spending time with friends or family; the same number have been pressured to only spend time with their partner

……I wish that they surprised me. However, as we have been preparing for the April Spotlight on Teen Dating Safety, I have remembered many examples from high school when friends of mine were victims of dating violence. Violent acts were often ignored or considered normal teenage boy behavior by school administrators or parents – instilling in our young minds the understanding that violence just par for the course. In my discussions with the great non-profits that work to help prevent teen violence and assist teens who have been victims of violence, I am so relieved to hear that many young people are now speaking out against dating violence. Zero tolerance of violence remains a distant goal, but thanks to the Expect Respect Program, Teen Justice Initiative and GenAustin, we are getting closer to attaining that ideal.

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I love a good video. When I first saw the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin and Central Texas "Meet the Digits" video, created by Shiny Object, I giggled out loud. First of all, there's something really cute about finger puppets, but the best part...the Mom and Dad of the Digit family are named "Phil" and "Angie"...get it? Clever.

So, when I heard that they were nominated for the DoGooder Non-Profit Awards, i was not surprised! Their video was viewed by over 100,000 people, and WON on Saturday. This is a great example of a video that while cute and clever, delivers the message and mission of the organization while letting the public know how they can help. 

So, congratulations to our partner agency, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin and Central Texas! Another example of the great work that you do. 

Watch "Meet the Digits" here.

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The Secret Millionaire

by Patsy Woods Martin
March 14, 2011

Perhaps you’ve seen ABC’s The Secret Millionaire, yet another reality TV show, this time chronicling how millionaires choose to share their wealth with nonprofit organizations. The show also demonstrates vividly the personal impact of philanthropy both on recipients and givers. Thanks to my ever-vigilant Board Chair, Karen Frost, I read an interesting article on ABC’s competitor site, CNN.com

As Karen noted, the article, entitled “Why ABC’s ‘Secret Millionaire’ Sends the Wrong Message”, provides opportunity for thought and discussion. 

My first reaction was to the writer’s skepticism.  Why are so many journalists skeptical about anything philanthropic?  Reminder- journalists are, by nature and training, skeptics.  With the power of their pens, their skepticism dissuades anyone wavering from practicing philanthropy.  Why would they want to do that?  And why did the writer devalue financial giving?  It’s true when we are able see the direct impact of sharing our time and talent with another human being we receive in return bountiful gifts of fulfillment. To assume one can’t receive the same personal satisfaction and fulfillment by making a gift of cash is an uninformed assumption.  What nonprofit organization or for profit business can run on volunteer hours alone?  Most of the nonprofit organizations I know of are incredibly efficient and effective because they leverage all the gifts of time, talent and treasure they receive for maximum impact to make lives better.

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Holy Gas Prices, Batman!

by Carisa Bommarito Muñoz
March 7, 2011

I have a college degree, a professional career, and work 40 hours per week, but the skyrocketing gas prices still rock my monthly budget with each fill up. I was at the pump yesterday, watching the numbers on the display flip forward so fast that it made me dizzy, when I started to think about how it must feel to fill up a tank to someone who makes minimum wage.  Minimum wage, by the way, is currently $7.25 per hour.  That means, every two weeks, before taxes, a person working full time can expect to gross roughly $580.  Did I mention that that's before taxes?  That means, in a month, this same person will take home less than $1000.  That $1000 has to cover housing, electricity, groceries, maybe child care, perhaps a car loan, and yes, gasoline.  A tank of gas for a small sedan now can cost $40.  Filling up every week costs at least $160 every month.  That puts a dent in any budget, much less one with so little wiggle room. According to Rent.com, the average rent for a one bedroom apartment in Austin is $715 per month. Utilities, on the low end, can cost around $75 per month, groceries for a single person will cost at least another $200, conservatively.  Now, add in 4 tanks of gas, and you're suddenly overdrawn by $150.  That's if you don't have a car payment, or child care. Now just try to start factoring in the cost of one or more children!

With this example, you can see why Non-Profit agencies who set out to help those below the federal poverty level are so important.  Austin is an especially tough city to survive in making minimum wage.  Luckily there are agencies like Caritas of Austin, The Sustainable Food Center, and Trinity Child Development Center who have programs to help individuals and families who may be having a tough time budgeting for rent, food, child care, or utilities.  It's times like this that remind me that it truly takes all of us as a society to not leave anyone behind.  

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