66% of Austinites feel uninformed about the issues.
89% say they would give to a specific need in the community.

Why We’re Here

I Live Here, I Give Here’s mission is to deepen and expand the culture of personal philanthropy by inspiring Central Texans to invest more money in our community. We educate and connect individuals and non-profits so more Central Texans experience the personal benefit of increased philanthropy.

I Live Here, I Give Here’s mission is to deepen and expand the culture of personal philanthropy by inspiring Central Texans to invest more money in our community. We educate and connect individuals and non-profits so more Central Texans experience the personal benefit of increased philanthropy.

Did you know that according to a study done by The Chronicle of Philanthropy in 2012, Austin is ranked 32nd out of the 50 largest cities in the nation in per capita charitable giving? This is a big improvement over our ranking at the beginning of the 21st century when we ranked 48, but there is still a lot of room for growth!

Austin is a vibrant city with a personality all its own. Central Texans are passionate, driven, and generous volunteers of their time and talent. But that’s not enough. The biggest problem facing Austin Nonprofits is there is not enough money.

Our community is well known for cherishing its environment and local businesses, its time to nurture our home-grown nonprofits in the same way!

We depend on our nonprofits to meet so many of the Austin's most basic needs; but the shortage of funds for these organizations is creating large gaps in services.

This is where I Live Here, I Give Here steps in. Our main purpose is to connect people like YOU with the issues you care about and the Nonprofits that support them.

I Live Here, I Give Here is proud of the work we have accomplished since our launch in 2007. We connect the people of Austin with the causes they care about.

We partner with nonprofit groups so they can be more accessible to you. We spotlight specific needs in Austin every month to let you know how you can help.

Please check out our Programs and get to know our Board Members and Staff!

How Are We Doing?

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The BIG Give — Recognizing Charities and Nonprofit Organizations in Austin, TX.

Nominate the 2019 BIG Giver!

Amplify Austin is back! 6pm March 20, 2014. $4 Million in 24 Hours.

4 Days Til Kickoff!

by Jon Gomez
February 28, 2013


Want this picture? Head to our FB to make this YOUR FB Cover photo!

Can you feel that? It’s the tension, worry, and excitement of Amplify Austin.

Four days from now, we expect this city to be on its feet. Why should you want to donate money to help us reach the $1 million goal?


Your money will go directly to any of the 300 participating nonprofits you choose. Want to help animals? Donate directly to Austin Pets Alive. Love healthy living? Donate directly to Marathon Kids. Want to help others battle breast cancer? Donate directly to Komen.

What’s better is, if the nonprofit you choose raises the most money or most donors in a one hour window, they win a $1,000 prize thanks to our Bass Booster sponsors. 

All three of today’s Bass Boosters being recognized will be awarding $1,000 to the nonprofit who raises the most donors in a given hour. Amplifying 12am-1am’s nonprofit will be Scott & Jennifer Donaldson, while Jeanne & Lew Little and The Garden Room will be amplifying the 5am-6am and 5pm-6pm hours, respectively.

It’s a blessing to have Scott & Jennifer Donaldson participating in Amplify Austin. The couple is active in the cancer community, with Scott being the founding chairman of the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s Youth Leadership Cancer Council and also serving on the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Central Texas. While currently a stay-at-home mom, Jennifer previously worked with Texas Medical Assocaition where she served as Specialty Society Manager.

When it comes to Austinites Jeanne & Lew Little, they are quick to remember their roots and the art of giving back. Lew founded Harden Healthcare, an Austin-headquartered healthcare services provider that today serves more than 35,000 patients a day in 13 states.  Aside from that, he serves on the board of the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation. Along with his wife, Jeanne, the two continue to give back to the community through various donations, most recently with Breakthrough Austin and The Trail Foundation.

The Garden Room, amplifying the nonprofit that raises the most donors from 5pm-6pm on March 5, is a chic boutique with over 25 years of fashionable roots. The boutique carefully edits a fine selection of classical clothing while adding a bit of the unexpected with new designers and trends each season. Aside from sponsoring Amplify Austin, The Garden Room has previously sponsored events such as The Rise School of Austin’s annual Heart & Soul fundraising event.

With four days left until the big show, be sure to check our blog, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest info on Amplify Austin!

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5 Days Left, 4 More Bass Boosters

by Jon Gomez
February 27, 2013


For the past two years, we have been working tirelessly on Amplify Austin, what we expect to be an unforgettable day for our beautiful city.

The fact is, Austin needs this. With Austin listed as the fastest growing city in the U.S., our community needs to be growing with it. We need to eliminate poverty and hunger while preserving our culture, including everything from art and music to parks and nature.

Our sponsors appreciate what we are doing. And, boy, do we appreciate them too!

Maxwell Locke & Ritter, one of our 48 Bass Boosters, will be giving $1,000 to the nonprofit who raises the most dollars from 2pm to 3pm on March 5. The largest locally owned and managed accounting firm in Greater Austin, Maxwell Locke & Ritter helps dynamic companies and people achieve their dreams. Individually and collectively, their staff continues to make a huge difference in the community and is proudly involved in over 160 different organizations, which can be seen here.

Breed & Co. has been an Austin institution for the past 40 years. Originally a small hardware store adjacent to the University of Texas, Breed & Co. now has two locations that provide not only hardware products, but some of the finest tabletop, housewares, garden and season décor, and gourmet food in the area. Aside from giving back to the community by joining in on Amplify Austin as a Bass Booster (most dollars donated from 9am-10am March 5), Breed & Co. has been involved with several other philanthropies, most recently Austin Food Blogger’sCupcakes & Cocktails’ event that benefited Bake A Wish.

For the past fifteen years, Johnston Made To Measure has been providing Austin’s best-dressed men with the finest apparel from around the world. Along with their apparel selection, Johnston Made To Measure provides first-class service. Their professional efforts have carried into their community involvement, most recently as a donor in the Austin Bar Foundation Gala as well as with Imaginarium In-Kind with Austin Children's Museum. Johnston Made To Measure will be amplifying the nonprofit who raises the most dollars during 6pm-7pm March 5.

Another Austin-owned business looking to continue giving back to the community by joining Amplify Austin is Fiat of Austin, who signed on for two $1,000 Bass Booster sponsors (nonprofit who raises most dollars AND nonprofit who raises most donors from 7am-8am March 5). Fiat of Austin holds ten core values that we see not only in their business but their community-involvement. From pursuing growth and learning to embracing and driving change, we are so thankful to have a company such as Fiat of Austin join Amplify Austin Day. It is just the latest community endeavor for the company, whose previous involvement includes sponsoring HAAM’s 2nd Annual Holiday HAAm Jam benefit album, The Fader Fort, and Stilleto Stampede

With five days left until the big show, be sure to check our blog, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest info on Amplify Austin!

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6 Days Away From Making History!

by Jon Gomez
February 26, 2013


What’s happenin’, Austinites? The weather’s back on our side, thankfully! Let’s hope it stays this way as we continue to gear up for Amplify Austin, our 24-hour community-wide online giving event!

Several of us here at I Live Here, I Give Here were lucky enough to attend Austin Gives inaugural GeneroCity awards luncheon. Austin Gives is a community program recognizing and encourage business philanthropy in metropolitan Austin.

Our favorite part of the luncheon was listening to Roy Spence of GSD&M give an incredibly inspirational/motivational speech about philanthropy, giving and charity.

We here at I Live Here, I Give Here are so blessed by the generous sponsors who have signed on to help Amplify Austin be, well, AMPLIFIED! And while Austin Gives focuses on business philanthropy, we are absolutely thrilled to see individuals getting involved in giving back to our beloved ATX!

Today’s three $1,000 Bass Booster sponsors are Chris & Arron Hester as well as the local owned and operated companies Vintage IT Services and Fox Service Company.

In 2003, Chris Hester founded Kinnser Software from scratch. Today, it boasts over 100 employees who help develop web-based software for home health agencies. In 2011, Kinnser Software was able to donate $225,000 to the ACC Foundation to sponsor 90 scholarships over five years.  In 2012, Hester served as a guest speaker for the Young Men’s Business League of Austin

Amplify Austin is just the latest philanthropic endeavor has supported. Recognizing the fact that they are a local owned and operated business, Vintage IT Services upholds their commitment to give back to the community. In recent years, they have partnered or sponsored Austin Museum of Art (AMOA), Ballet Austin Spotlight Theatre, Paramount Theatre, The Wine & Food Foundation, The BeHive (Heart House), French Legation Museum, Skillpoint Alliance, SafePlace, Austin Partners in Education and Texas Health Institute. We are so thankful that they believe in our mission so much that they’ve agreed to sign on as a $1,000 Bass Booster sponsor.

Today’s last sponsor, Fox Service Company, has been locally owned and operated since 1972. Founded by Curt Fox with a vision of building an air-conditioning service company that places the needs of customers first, Fox Services Company today is the largest, multi-trade service provider in Central Texas. While the company commits to exceed customer expectations, we have to say our own expectations were blown out of the water after they agreed to be a Bass Booster sponsor as well! 

With one week left until the big show, be sure to check our blog, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest info on Amplify Austin!

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Bass Booster: Austin Involved

by Jon Gomez
February 26, 2013


So, how about that wind yesterday? We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe, and that no damage was done to anything you cherish! Reports out there say winds reached 50 MPH!

While the weather yesterday was anything but pleasant, our friends at Austin Involved said last Saturday was beautiful, warm and friendly!

Yes, the picture above shows just a small portion of the 400 water bottles they gave away to Austinites while helping promote Amplify Austin.

It’s the latest thing Austin Involved has done to help spread the word about this historic day. You see, aside from making Amplify Austin their February Charity of Choice, Austin Involved has also agreed to be a $1,000 Bass Booster for the event!

The thought behind Austin Involved is simple: give Austinites a chance to Discover, Do and Donate. Every month, with a $25 contribution, members learn about three local nonprofits, cast votes, and help one organization (their month’s Charity of Choice) by giving volunteering time and donating money. The purpose is to help nonprofits in need while also educating Austin Involved members on needs in the community.

So, why did they pick Amplify Austin?  Amplify Austin is a community-wide online giving day benefitting over 300 nonprofits. Despite Austin being the number one growing city in the U.S., Austin doesn’t even crack the top 30 in most generous communities in the U.S.

That’s right, we spend all this time being in love with the city, trying to ‘Keep Austin Weird’ and ‘Keep Austin Local’, but we struggle to give back to this city. Aware of this growing need, Austin Involved decided to spend the month helping promote Amplify Austin, highlighted by their Saturday volunteer day out at Lady Bird Lake!

Want to learn more about Austin Involved? Check out their FacebookTwitter, and website! And with one week left until the big show, be sure to check our blog, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest info on Amplify Austin!

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As our founder, Patsy Woods-Martin said, “We’re Austinites and we don’t like to be at the bottom of ANY list!” With you’re help, we can crank up the giving to Amplify Austin!

Helping us in this historic chapter of Austin’s life are two very special sponsors: Whole Foods Market and JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

In 1980, Whole Foods Market first opened its doors right here in our own backyard. Today, the natural and organic food store operates over 340 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. Despite its global outreach, Whole Foods Market continues to contribute locally. Several times a year, Whole Foods Market stores hold community-giving days, where five percent of that day’s net sales are donated to a local nonprofit or educational organization.

Here in Austin, Whole Foods Market continues to develop a warm relationship with I Live Here, I Give Here. Aside from their $5,000 Drum Soloist sponsorship for Amplify Austin, Whole Foods served as the $10,000 BIG Prize sponsor at last year’s The BIG Give and will serve as the $5,000 Little Prize sponsor for this year’s The BIG Give. 

Like Whole Foods Market, JP Morgan Chase Foundation is a nationwide organization with local-minded thinking. As their website states, “JP Morgan Chase’s philanthropic goal is simple – be a catalyst for meaningful, positive and sustainable change within our highest-need neighborhoods and communities across the globe.” With a mission to build vibrant, sustainable communities in markets across the globe that support, engage and enhance the lives of children, youth and families, JP Morgan Chase Foundation continues to thrive. In 2011, the foundation gave more than $200 million through grants and sponsorships to thousands of not-for-profit organizations across 29 domestic markets and in over 35 countries around the world. Yes, even in this blog post we’re having trouble to find the words to thank such an amazing foundation!

With one week left until the big show, be sure to check our blog, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest info on Amplify Austin!


Dang, what a sweet picture to use for your Facebook cover! Check out ours here!

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The Brown Firm And Austin Infiniti

by Jon Gomez
February 25, 2013


Dang, what a sweet pic to use as your FB cover photo

One. Week. 

In one week, history will be made. In one week, Austin will be amplified. In one week, YOU can give back to the city you love. 

Among our many sponsors helping us give back to the city we love are Austin Infiniti and The Brown Firm PLLC. These two generous sponsors have agreed to each sign on as $1,000 Bass Boosters for Amplify Austin.

The Brown Firm PLLC capitalizes on founding member Andy’s Brown’s almost ten years of business litigation experience. The firm holds a lengthy client list ranging from individuals in real estate disputes to trademark owners seeking to enforce their marks to telecommunication companies in multi-million dollar lawsuits. Their $1,000 Bass Booster contribution will be given to a nonprofit who either raises the most money or has the most donors in a one-hour window during Amplify Austin. 

Also signing on as a Bass Booster, Austin Infiniti is once again giving back to its community. Previously, Austin Infiniti participated in Bikes for Kids, in which Austin Infiniti spent a month donating a brand new bicycle to Bikes For Kids for every brand new Infiniti sold.  It is a blessing and honor to see Austin Infiniti continue their community contributions by helping sponsor Amplify Austin.

With one week left until the big show, be sure to check our blog, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest info on Amplify Austin!

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Support A Healthy Lifestyle

by Jon Gomez
February 22, 2013

Well, Austin, we hope you’re enjoying a nice, cool margarita! If not, well, what are y’all waitin’ for?  Get out there and live!

We’d like to say we’re enjoying one, but we’re busy getting this beautiful city ready to crank up the giving! Our inboxes are maxing out and our phones seem to never stop ringing, but in 10 days this city is going to make history when we raise $1 million in 24-hours! That’s right, folks, Amplify Austin is only 10 days away!

Still looking for an organization or cause you want your $$ going to? Well, check out our previous blog posts about our Community Needs Spotlight. (CNS) While Amplify is our February CNS, every month we spend time discussing different community needs. For instance, we spent last year bringing the facts about child obesity and a healthy lifestyle to the city of Austin.

For example, since 1980, the number of obese children in America has tripled. In Austin alone, 1/4 of Hispanic kids between ages 2-18 are overweight or obese. 43% of East Austin’s residents at one point or another experience food worry.

Thankfully, Austin has several organizations helping the cause. We took the time to make these fabulous videos for YOUR viewing pleasure, and we hope that it inspires you to support one of these nonprofits with your dollars, or an organization like them, on Amplify Austin Day.


Advancing America Foundation's Fitness Feria


Marathon Kids


Sustainable Food Center

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Health Care For The Uninsured

by Jon Gomez
February 20, 2013

Is it just us, or has the weather in Austin been, well, under the weather lately? Cloudy, rainy, chilly… it has to end soon, right? Austin needs its sun!

But, even covered in clouds or drenched in rain, Austin is our city. We love it through thick and thin. From the parks to the music to the friendliness, it’s everything we want in a city.

But, speaking of our music, did y’all know that over 80% of our musicians live at or under the Federal poverty level? Last year we caught up with Health Alliance for Austin Musicians(HAAM), in the video below, and discussed the ways in which HAAM assists in providing these local-favorite musicians with health care, dental care, and everything in between. 

HAAM isn’t the only one keeping our musicians (and us!) healthy. For nearly 100 years, Planned Parenthood has provided a commonsense approach to women’s health and well-being, based on respect for each individual’s right to make informed, independent decisions about health, sex, and family planning. Aside from helping teens and young adult in scenarios ranging from the first day of pregnancy to a single-mother looking for insurance help, Planned Parenthood is there.

The Austin Affiliate of Susan G. Komen works hard every day to provide FREE breast cancer screening, education and medical services as well as financial and emotional support. Komen Austin has provided more than $7 million in funding to local community clinics, hospitals and health care organizations for breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment, research for a cure.

Take a minute to learn how these organizations are part of what makes Austin great! Inspired by their work? Check out how YOU can give back on Amplify Austin Day


Health Alliance for Austin Musicians


Planned Parenthood


Susan G. Komen Austin

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Taking Care Of The Kids

by Jon Gomez
February 19, 2013


Last September, our Community Needs Spotlight focused on “Taking Care of the Kids.”

Three years ago, over 7,000 cases of child abuse and neglect were reported in the Central Texas community.  In 2010, nearly 1,300 children in Travis County community who were abused or neglected depended on CASA of Travis County to advocate for them. Today, one in ten teens report being hit or physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

We need to take care of the kids. Our kids.

These nonprofits understand that giving these kids a moment of caring, a moment of attention, can change everything. 


Adoption Coalition of Texas

CASA of Travis County

Expect Respect

Foster Angels of Central Texas


Helping Hand Home

Texas Advocacy Project

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Our First Pair Of Drum Soloists

by Jon Gomez
February 18, 2013


Things are getting restless in the office, folks! We are officially 14 days away from our inaugural community-wide day of online giving: Amplify Austin.

Yes, we understand the two-week countdown isn’t as exciting as a two-day or two-hour countdown, but y’all need to realize that this is an event we’ve been planning for months. For us to be two weeks away from this historic day… well, yeah, the terms excited, ecstatic, or impatient don’t even begin to explain how we feel.

But, being that we are still two weeks away, we still have sponsors to thank! Today’s lovely sponsors are two of our four drum soloists. For those unaware, there are four different sponsors: Lead Vocalist ($100,000), Guest Vocalist ($60,000), 4 Drum Soloists ($5,000), and 48 Bass Booster ($1,000). During Amplify Austin, participating nonprofits will have the chance to win these various sponsorships.

Today’s two drum soloists are Austin born and raised companies: Austin Ventures and K. Friese & Associates.

Austin Ventures (AV), founded in 1984, partners with visionary entrepreneurs and startup executives to build category-defining technology companies.  AV understands that promising companies need more than financial banking to succeed. AV’s dedication to the greater Central Texas community resulted in being awarded the 2008 Torch of Liberty Award, given to persons or organizations that exemplify a commitment to promoting respect, counteracting hatred and bigotry, and supporting fair treatment for all citizens.

Formed in April 2003, K. Friese & Associates offers civil engineering services with special emphasis on water, wastewater, and transportation projects. Registered as a Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), K. Friese & Associates holds a strong commitment to serving their community. Some of their notable partnerships include Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, Breast Cancer Resource Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas, and Habitat for Humanity

Stop by tomorrow for more Sponsor Love, as well as our Community Needs Spotlight recaps posts! Can’t wait til tomorrow? Feel free to give us a follow on Twitter and a like on Facebook for more up-to-date information about I Live Here, I Give Here! 

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